Assessments are a chance to build the employer brand relationship. No employer can risk having candidates or employees think the brand is stodgy or irrelevant. Game-based assessment costs no more than traditional tests, and research shows that social desirability is lowered and completion rates are higher. Games are today’s top leisure time activity and candidates like them more. Now, give candidates a meaningful experience that they value while supporting rather than hurting your brand.   

Understand your top performers

Understand what personality traits  the top performers at your company share.

Recruit the right talent

Match your company with the best-fit candidates. 
Help reduce missed talent and optimize staffing

The "Endless Runner" genre (think Temple Run). The game issues a personality profile and list of relevant jobs


Use the 'Conversation Engine' to bring engagement to the Candidate Experience, with virtual roleplay with avatars in branching dialogue.  

This often takes the form of a behavioral interview. Instead of asking how they would behave, the interviewer asks how they did behave, via a hypothetical situation.

As players participate in dialogue and make choices, the platform records their decisions and evaluates skills. It's configurable to integrate brand messaging, new assessments, realistic job previews, and other learning material.


Games and Simulations reinforce skills by challenging learners to experience and solve business problems

Games and Simulations reinforce skills by challenging learners to experience and solve business problems


Measure competencies to understand their needs so you can onboard and coach them more efficiently

a better employer brand experience

Use games to develop a positive brand experience for employees and candidates.

The "Platformer" genre (think Super Mario). An engaging way to measure competencies / work styles.


The Road Ahead combines engaging gameplay and psychometric assessment to make the Career Development experience relevant and valuable.

Play for 10 minutes - The Road Ahead tells candidates who they are and provides a list of jobs that fit their personality, taking them on a journey about their aspirations and interests to provoke thought around potential career paths. 

The Road Ahead brings engagement to Candidate Experience so you can cast a wider net - and 'reel in' only candidates that fit. Attract more candidates and find the needle in the haystack. 

Virtual Role play for Situational Judgement. Behavioral Interviewing. Configurable for both training and assessment.


Our Experiences Unlimited team creates games, virtual roleplay scenarios, and simulations to teach and reinforce skills and behaviors culled from best practices in leadership, sales, ethics, diversity, and compliance.  The game platforms report on player performance, with leaderboards to fuel competition.

Play is how we learn. Play makes the dopamine flow!